How safe are you kids with that spouse of yours?

Julie of a little pregnant has ignited yet another one of those share your experience threads. This time it is about all those screw-ups mistakes that parents do that put the health or even lives of their kids in danger.

My first reaction to the post was along the lines of “Sweet Jez… I never ever did anything like that”. But as I read though some rather scary examples of what people did, I started to realize that I am not holy in this department either.

Most of the stories there were told by moms or about moms. While young mothers are usually spending more time with babies than anyone else and thus have the greater variety of stories to tell, it is their lack of free time (and sometimes breastfeeding) that deprives them of kind of mistakes – alcohol related.

Being a young father I spend a lot of time with Maxim (or at least I think I do). But I still can afford a party or two once in a while. Most of these parties happen on the day before my day off, which means that no matter what, I am the one to go for a walk with Maxim early in the morning.

Hangover is every man’s enemy. But it is a highly trained and equipped assassign when you have unfullfilled responsibilities over a really small baby very early in the morning. No chance to survive without casualties.

On two occasions I fell asleep while walking with Maxim. Once I was sleeping on the bench in the park after I put him to sleep. We were in the shadow and nothing could go wrong except for maybe a kidnapping, but we don’t get any of those around here. But the other time I fell asleep on the beach. Maxim was sleeping too and he was under the shadow of an umbrella. Considering how fast those shadows move and how hot the sun was he could end up with a lot of sun burns. Luckily he woke up and started shouting before the sun got to him. He woke me up and we left for home.

I guess that Julie is right – all parents make mistakes and endanger lives and health of their kids once in a while. The excuse for me not having a lot of those mistakes in my experience is that Maxim is still going on for his seventh month in my company.

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