My Mom’s New Boyfriend

Watched “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” (aka “Homeland Security) on the plane.  The film does not deserve much.  It couldn’t be spoiled by tiny LCD screen with really poor image quality and the most horrible headphones that I ever plugged into my ears.  The story is simplistic and predictable.  Most of the dialogs are horrible and were only saved by the actors themselves.  There was no high or low point in the film – it was all on the same level, and that level was pretty low.  It’s a pity to see both Antonio Banderas and Meg Ryan in a film like this.

5 out of 10.

When Harry Met Sally…

Olga and I just watched “When Harry Met Sally…” on DVD. It is an excellent comedy/romance back from 1989. It’s more than excellent actually. I think it is the way comedy/romance are supposed to be done. Basically, it is about two people who have lots and lots of dialogs and monologs. The subject is love, of course. And the comedy is just a sauce for the serious thoughts.

There was some good acting from both Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Supporting characters were pretty good too. I also liked the soundtrack a lot.

My verdict is 8 out of 10. A kind of 8 which is closer to 9, but not yet there. Good entertainment.