Guesstimate – a spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain

Guesstimate is a spreadsheet for non-precise calculations (estimations and approximations). Watch a two-minute video on the homepage to get a better idea of how it works.

While playing around with it and reading more on similar tools, I also found these two Wikipedia pages interesting:

Very cool stuff!

brick/math – Arbitrary-precision arithmetic library for PHP

PHP is well-known for its rather basic interpretation of precision numbers and operations on those.  BC Match extension helps, but sometimes one needs more.  brick/math is a composer-installable library that helps with arbitrary-precision arithmetic.

πfs – the data-free filesystem!

πfs – the data-free filesystem!

πfs is a revolutionary new file system that, instead of wasting space storing your data on your hard drive, stores your data in π! You’ll never run out of space again – π holds every file that could possibly exist! They said 100% compression was impossible? You’re looking at it!