two to the power of one hundred

Here is an excellent visualization of 2 to the power of 100.  If you take a piece of paper which is 0.1 mm thick, cut it in half and place one half on top of the other, then cut the stack in half and place half over the other half, and then repeat it 98 more times … how high is your stack of paper going to be? Think.  BOOM!  13.7 billion light years.  Here is a breakdown of how fast it gets there.

Just beautiful.

Drilling Square Holes

Drilling Square Holes


A bit that drills square holes … it defies common sense. How can a revolving edge cut anything but a circular hole? Not only do such bits exist (as well as bits for pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal holes), but they derive their shape from a simple geometric construction known as a Reuleaux triangle (after Franz Reuleaux, 1829-1905).

Wikipedia has some more info on Reuleaux triangle.