Went to see “Gamer” in the movies yesterday.  As you might know, I actually expected this film.

It turned out to be quite a disappointment – silly story with a lot of non-sense, very shallow characters, horrible dialogues, extremely annoying shaky camera and fast cut editing, and overall feeling of pop.  There were some good special effects, but they were practically lost to fast cuts and horrible rush through the movie.

Overall rating 2 stars.

Crank : High Voltage

I got my hands on “Crank : High Voltage” last Saturday.  I’ve heard a few good reviews of this movie, so I decided to watch it, even though I haven’t seen the first part “Crank”.

I wasn’t disappointed at all.  The film is pure action from start to end, with somewhat bizarre story, which I didn’t mind at all.  It contains lots of chasing, fighting, swearing, and even some sex.  Excellent cast and directorship were spiced up with plenty of visual effects and good soundtrack.

This is not a serious movie by any measure, but a very enjoyable one if you are into fast cuts, action, and crime on the big screen.  My rating: 5 stars.