I’ve went to the movies today to see “Troy” finally. Despite of all the critiques and comments I haven’t been disappointed. Not at all. It’s a very good movie and deserves to be seen. Maybe even more then once.

“Troy” is for sure a cinema film. It was done for a big screen and good sound. It’s historic, atmospheric, romantic, and … everything else. The story, while not completely following the history and legends (so Hollywoodish) is still interesting and dramatic. No happy end. Although they tried to make one. :) Battles are spectacular and it seems they try to match the scale of those we’ve seen in Lord Of The Ring trilogy. “Troy” battles are not that overwhelming, but pretty good never-the-less.

There is a lot of good acting. Brad Pitt is excellent as usual, but all the others do match him. This happens, but it is rare.

I like pretty much everything else about the film too – soundtrack, costumes and scenery, martial arts. The duel of Achilles and Hector leaves the feeling of satisfaction similar to Neo and Morphius fights in Matrix. Very good.

Maybe I will go see it once more, though 3 hours are tiring even with 2 breaks. We’ll see. :)