An American Crime

An American Crime

Just watched “An American Crime“.  It is a very powerful drama about a famous case of child mistreat and murder in the US back in 1960’s.  I haven’t heard about this film until I actually got my hands on it, and once I checked the plot summary on IMDB, I wasn’t in a hurry to watch it.  Such films are usually either too detailed on the horror or too dramatic and emotional.  Either way, that was promising to be hard.  And for that I need a special mood.

I think it took me more than two weeks to prepare.  And to run out of other options.  So today I finally watched it.  And I am now really glad that I did.

While the film is truly sad and dramatic, it does not speculate on the feelings.  Instead, it tries to explain what happened from a few points of view.  It does not excuse the horrible behavior, but it provides enough insight on why and how the horrible thing happened.  And it does so without taking focus away from the victim of the crime.

Technically, the film is quite engaging as well.  It creates an authentic feeling of the time and sets the whole atmosphere slowly, detail by detail.  Also, children should be mentioned separately.  They are what puts this film above many others.  Most of the main characters in the film are children – from very young to teenagers.  All of them have quite a serious part to play – no joking or kidding around.  And all of them do it nicely.  The serious attitude of these children towards the movie is passed on into the film and towards the audience.  Very well done.

Overall rating – 4 stars.  A must see.