What are they thinking?

Cyprus Mail reports that Cyprus Airways expands its operations in Greece:

“After the positive response from the Athens-Thessalonica-Athens route, the airline decided to start new regular flights to the country’s most important airports,” CY announced yesterday.

Starting on October 28, there will be twice-daily flights between Athens and Heraklion, one from Athens to Rhodes and back; one a day between Heraklion and Thessalonica and another between Rhodes and Thessalonica three times a week.

My first reaction after reading this is – what are they thinking?  Cyprus Airways has been in a lot of financial troubles lately, getting lots of help from the Cyprus government, including the kick out of the competition – Ryanair (here and here).  But at least Ryanair was working with Cyprus, bringing lots of people in and out.  What does Cyprus Airways do?  Yeah, right, instead of trying to help the Cyprus tourism a bit, they go to Greece.  Which, given Greece’s troubles, is questionable as well.  What’s the point of having Cyprus Airways in Cyprus at all then?  And why does the government spend the money on them.  Let them go to the other side of the world, if they want to, and help Australia’s tourism, or something…

Do you remember how the Greeks always say that eve…

Do you remember how the Greeks always say that everything originated from Greece?  Well, the other day we figured out how the name Sam came from Greece.  No, it wasn’t Samuel of any kind.  It was Aleksamdros!

The hardworking Greeks

Now this is actually funny.  According to a recent poll in a number of European countries, asking which countries in EU are most and least hard working, and most and least corrupt, Greeks came out thinking that they are the most hard-working country in the whole of EU.

Yeah, right.