Nexus 10 is here

After what must have been the fastest delivery in the history of online shopping, my brand new shiny Google Nexus 10 has arrived. It’s black in color, packing 32 gigs of storage, very fast, and with a beautiful screen.

The wait is finally over.

So far I have only managed to update it to the Android 4.4.2, install and configure all the apps I use, download and watch an episode of the Vikings, and login to every single social network.  It is too early to say much yet, but so far I’m loving it. Colors, performance and the battery life seem to be perfect. 

Tablet shopping

I got tired of waiting for Google to release the second generation of Nexus 10.  At the same time, I am still scared of all the available choices from other vendors.  Today I ran out of patience and ordered the tablet.   With keyboard.  And a case.  And also a couple of games – Call of Duty “Ghosts” and Grand Theft Auto V, which were on the pending list for the next Amazon order.

Clearly, waiting is not my game…  I’ll let you know what I think of these once they arrive and I play with them for a bit.

I’m seriously considering Google Nexus 10 tablet a…

I’m seriously considering Google Nexus 10 tablet as a Christmas/New Year present for myself.  Anybody tried it yet and say anything good or bad about it?