Switched at birth, reunited 27 years later

Cyprus Mail reports a fascinating story of two girls being switched at the hospital right after birth.  The mistake was eventually discovered by one of the girls.  That later led to a reunion of children and parents.  Read the full story, it’s well worth it.

The tests, reportedly carried out at the Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) showed conclusively that Maria was not biologically related to her parents. By digging around and asking the right people, Maria managed to get the details on her counterpart, and repeatedly tried to become her friend on Facebook, the online social site.

Gene mutations unique to Cyprus

Cyprus Mail reports:

TWO Cyprus-specific gene mutations that increase the likelihood of breast cancer have been identified by the Institute of Neurology and Genetics.

The genetic changes – in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 – “haven’t been found anywhere else in the world – not even Greece,” said head of electron microscopy and molecular pathology Kyriacos Kyriacou.

This reminded me of a DNA testing and profiling company 23andMe. Apparently, their prices decreased significantly since the last time I checked.  Now it is much more affordable with the price of $99 + 1 year commitment to $9/month or a $399 once off.  It used to be around $2000 if I remember correctly.