Discovery Channel Crashes a Boeing 727 For Science Documentary

Slashdot reports:

A Boeing 727 passenger jet has been deliberately crash-landed. The pilot ejected just minutes before the collision. The plane was packed with scientific experiments, including crash test dummies. Dozens of cameras recorded the crash from inside the aircraft, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot’s helmet. All of this was done for a feature length documentary to be shown on the Discovery Channel later this year.

First of all, hats of to Discovery.  That’s some serious undertaking!

Secondly, just trying to imagine the meeting where this project has been approved makes me smile.  It must have been either too serious or too fun – either a preparation of the business plan, Gantt charts, discussion of the budgets and milestones; … or a “light bulb” idea in the morning after a huge part, and an after party.

Google TV is coming along

Google TV website is launched.  As is the official Google TV blog.  Not too much to see there yet, but it’s good to know things are moving along.

I am excited!  An open source television platform based on Android, with its own application store – these are just great news.  Not to mention partnerships with HBO, Universal, Amazon, and Netflix.  It sounds like there is going to be a lot of content and plenty of new interesting ideas on what to do with it and how to process it.

The only thing that worries me is access to this content for us, outsiders.  As in people who live outside of the United States of America.  Until now we’ve been quite limited with the exception of Apple TV.  I wonder what’s going to happen with Google.  But given company’s global strategy, I have my hopes.

Via Download Squad.

Medrano Circus in Limassol

Maxim and I went to the see the show of the famous Medrano Circus on Sunday.  It was supposedely the last day of their tour, but gladly they decided to delay their departure and will be staying until Wednesday, October 29th.

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