WhiteSnake in Nicosia, Cyprus

The other day I went together with a few friends to the WhiteSnake rock band concert in Nicosia.  It was the same venue and more or less the same setup as for the concert of the legendary Deep Purple back in 2005.  Except that:

  • the sound was really crap this time
  • WhiteSnake is not Deep Purple by any means – much more commercial, less passionate
  • both video and photo cameras were not allowed, so no pictures
  • there was much more advertising for the event, and the place was crowded
  • there was a warm-up band, which actually performed better than WhiteSnake at certain times

A few things that I was thinking about during the concert:

  • we need more beers
  • “F*ck this” and “F*ck that” in between the songs doesn’t suit the romantic mood of many songs.  Like, “Is this love?”
  • we need more beers
  • like we have SEO – Search Engine Optimization on the web, some over-commercialized bands probably have CCO – Concert Crowd Optimization.  Pointing fingers to random people in the crowd, waving, shouting “Let’s make some f*cking noise!”, and other attempst to engage the audience strongly suggest that.  Plus a few other things.
  • we need more beers
  • “Ozzy!  Bring back Ozzy!  Ozzy rocks!”
  • “Smoooooke on the water!  Fire in the sky!”
  • we need more beers

Overall, I did have a good time with all the noise, beers, and fooling around.  But I won’t be going to the next WhiteSnake event.  One is just enough.

P.S.: If you want to see pictures, Flickr can help you out – thanks to small size of modern cameras and huge disregard to rules by rockers all over the world.