Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black (1998)I’ve seen “Meet Joe Black” so long ago, that I decided to watch it again. I remember that I liked that film a lot and was wonderign if it was really that good.

Directed by: Martin Brest
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Cast: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Jake Weber, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Tambor, David S. Howard, Lois Kelly-Miller, Jahnni St. John, Richard Clarke, Marylouise Burke, Diane Kagan, June Squibb, Gene Canfield, Suzanne Hevner
IMDB raintg: 6.6
My rating: 9.0 [rate 9.0]

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On fame

Here is something for you to think over.

Al Pacino has 42 movies listed in his filmography at IMDB. These include filmed, filming, announced, pre- and post-production. Robert De Niro has 70. Sean Connery has 78. Anthony Hopkins has 98.

I’m sure you can easily remember a movie or two with any one of these guys.

And you probably have never heard of Ron Jeremy. And even his face looks very unfamiliar to you. Nevermind the fact that his filmography lists 918 movies. In most of these he played had one of the main roles.

Who is he you’re wondering? Well, he is number one American porn star. Or so they say…



Alexander” is one of the big time movies of the last year that I missed in the cinema. Olga was in her late pregnancy already when the movie came here and we thought that with all the battles it would be scary for the baby to live through almost three hours of it. So we skipped. Today I got my hands on a copy and watched it.

Directed by: Oliver Stone
Genres: Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, War
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, David Bedella, Jessie Kamm, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Connor Paolo, Patrick Carroll, Brian Blessed, Peter Williamson, Morgan Christopher Ferris, Robert Earley, Aleczander Gordon, Christopher Plummer, Gary Stretch
IMDB raintg: 5.5
My rating: 4 stars

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Legends of the Fall

Sometimes I get the impression that I have seen on the movies of this actor or that director. If something turns up that I missed, I get really surprised. It happened today again. “Legends of the Fall” was showing today on TV. And I thought that I have seen all the films with Brad Pitt.

Not only it was an unseen movie with one of my favourite actors, but it was also a very nice film. Brad Pitt wasn’t the only star – Anthony Hopkins was helping him, as well as few other celebrities. The story behind the film was dramatic enough for all of them to be able to show their talent. Many of them did, so there is plenty of excellent acting in there.

There was another surprise for me. I usually don’t like the films that are about the beginning of the 20th century. Somehow they feel distant enough not to have any comforts of the modern civilization, like the Internet, electricity, cars, and stuff; but, at the same time, they are not distant enough to be interesting like historic films about earlier ages. In this movie though, time was flattened by a more-or-less universal story that could have happened at any time. Neat.

Basically, a good story with a fair amount of drama and loads of good acting are enough for me to give 7 out of 10 to this film.