Posting catch-up

It’ve been a long time since last update. Here is what I am up to:

  • I am working on a new site, which will merge this site and my home portal. Among other things, there will be interface for submitting news like this one, instead of editing html files.
  • I am working on a project for school/college management. It is too early to talk about it yet, but I am aiming at creating a free solution for educational institituion management, which will include things like: schedule generation, students/classes/courses management, students’ grades and quality control, and much more. Stay tuned…
  • I have been also occupyied a lot by my primary work. Videowalls, migration to Linux, and some other things got me blown away. Now, with the enterprise subscription to the Red Hat Network, I hope I’ll get some more time freed.

Random bits

Lots of small things today: monthly backups scheduled, inserted few fresh tapes into the cycle, played with Mutt 1.4 (found it much faster with opening/closing/sorting of mailboxes then 1.2), upgraded GeForce2 to the one with 64 MBytes of memory, revisited Subversion website (modern alternative to CVS), some other small fixes and updates.

Random bits

Not much happenning. For the last couple of days I was playing with NVidia driver options for TwinView and TV-OUT. Nothing particularly interesting though. Mozilla 1.0 occupied lots of my time aswell. Mainly I was focused on the Calendar project for Mozilla. While it is still to young for production use, the idea of calendar server backend gives lots of hope for the MS Exchange environments.