Zabbix 4.2 is out!

Zabbix 4.2 has been released and it brings an impressive array of new features and improvements. Some of these are:

  • Built-in support of Prometheus data collection
  • Efficient high-frequency monitoring
  • Validation of collected data and error handling
  • Preprocessing data with JavaScript
  • Test preprocessing rules from UI
  • Test media type from Web UI
  • Support of TimescaleDB
  • Simplified tag management
  • More flexible auto-registration
  • Support for HTML emails
  • Animations and easy external services access on network maps
  • Extracting data from HTTP headers (like authentication tokens)
  • Non-destructive resizing and reordering of dashboard widgets
  • … and a lot more

If you were waiting for a good reason to upgrade – this is it!

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