17 Tips for Using Composer Efficiently

Martin Hujer has collected 17 tips for using composer efficiently, and then added a few more after receiving the feedback on the blog post.  I was familiar with most of these, but there are still a few that are new to me.

Tip #7: Run Travis CI builds with different versions of dependencies

I knew about the Travis CI matrix configuration, but used it only for other things.  I’ll be looking into extending it for the composer tests shortly.

Tip #8: Sort packages in require and require-dev by name

This is a great tip!  I read the composer documentation several times, but somehow I missed this option.  It is especially useful for the the way we manage projects at work (waterfall merges from templates and basic projects into more complex ones).

Tip #9: Do not attempt to merge composer.lock when rebasing or merging

Here, I’m not quite sure about the whole bit on git attributes.  Having git try to merge and generate a conflict creates a very visible problem.  Avoiding the merge might hide things a bit until they popup much later in the CI.  I guess I’ll have to play around with this to make up my mind.

Tip #13: Validate the composer.json during the CI build

This is a great tip!  I had plenty of issues with composer validations in the past.  Currently, we have a couple of unit tests that make sure that composer files are valid and up-to-date.  Using a native mechanism for that is a much better option.

Tip #15: Specify the production PHP version in composer.json

This sounds like an amazing feature which I once again missed.  Especially now that we are still migrating some projects from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1, and have to sort out dependency conflicts between the two versions.

Tip #20: Use authoritative class map in production

We are already almost doing it, but it’s a good opportunity to verify that we utilize the functionality correctly.


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