Linux gaming

Accidentally, I’ve spent the whole day playing a bunch of Linux games. That is what happens when you just pass by the Happy Penguin web site. Here is the top three games:

  • NetPanzer – multiplayer network tank game. Nice graphics and sounds and live chat. Also there was no difficulty finding the server. I’ve been mostly dead though, but I still enjoyed it very much. There were even some people that Allied with me. :)

  • LiquidWar – a somewhat doom/quake mixture. Some nice graphics, but balance of the game is a bit off and my sound of was lacking behind a second or so for some reason. Still nice. :)

  • Open Mortal – that one should is actually on the first place. :) As you might have already guessed, it is a clone of Mortal Combat – a well known game. But this one is totally rewritten, looks similar, but heros are real fun! :) Evil forces are set to still Saturday from people and are about to leave the humanity with 5 working days and only one holiday for ever! Good forces should prevent them. Real fun. :)

In the evening we went to see “Love Actually“, which was better then we expected. There were some laughs and few nice shots of scenery. Not too bad.

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