Hellenic Bank Open API

Oh. My. God.  The future is here.  Hellenic Bank is (finally!) introducing an API.  Not sure yet what exactly one would be able to do with it, but even if it’s just to check an account balance, it’s progress already.

I vaguely remember being part of the effort to convince Hellenic Bank (or any Cyprus bank for that matter) to provide an API to my then employer … erm … about 10 years ago.  The effort was beyond describable at the time.  But I knew the day would come, and it’s finally here.

These are probably the biggest technology news since the time PrimeTel became an ISP with its own submarine cables.

2 thoughts on “Hellenic Bank Open API”

  1. Hi Leonid,
    I just wanted to clarify that we have launched SIX open APIs. They are based on account reporting (up to the minute balances, transactions and tracking the status of payments) and transmitting international, multi-currency payments. You can discover and experiment with them in our dedicated Sandbox on https://openapis.hellenicbank.com.
    Many thanks,
    Natasha Kyprianides
    Group Head of Digital Banking & Innovation
    Hellenic Bank Plc

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