Introducing photoblog

My ‘Picture of the day’ projects has evolved yet again. It has been bothering me for some time now that single images that I take for that project don’t look very good when displayed in the album manner. Albums are good for collections of pictures, not for singles. It has been bugging me for some time and finally I found a solution.

I have wrote a tiny Perl script that displays all ‘Picture of the day’ images in the standard photoblog way. You’ll see just a single image per page. You can than click on the image to see the next one. There is also some EXIF data displayed. In case you get lost, or don’t like this new feature, you can also browse through the photo albums as you used to. There is a link from the photoblog page to do just that.

“Oh, and how do I find this photoblog thingy?” you may ask. Well, I have changed the old “Photos” link to point to the photoblog by default. Yup, it’s the one at the top of the page. Right.

Let the feedback begin…

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