Web Development With Assembly

The other day I was joking with a colleague of mine about how much fun it would be to do the web development in Assembly.  All the usual stuff – pages would be super fast, and the whole subject makes it for some fun interview material, as the candidates mention Assembly pretty much on every CV.

WebDev with Assembly

And then I decided to do a quick Google search.  To my (not so great) surprise I got to hilarious this Reddit thread, which, among other things, links to MiniMagAsm, a web development framework written in Assembly.  It compiles into a native binary and can be executed as a CGI script.

I’m not going to use it any time soon, but I think it’s super cool, and way more than a simple “hello world” page that I was expecting to find.

5 thoughts on “Web Development With Assembly”

  1. :) You missed my next project – AsmBB – web forum engine written in assembly language: http://board.asm32.info – It is a demo installation, but there are posts about downloading, installing and compiling from sources. AsmBB is highly scalable and much faster than MiniMagAsm, because uses FastCGI protocol.

      1. Actually it is not so big deal. I simply know assembly better than php and perl and that is why such projects are easier for me in asm, rather than in php. For java programmer, I suppose will be more easy to make web development in java, rather than in perl.

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