Cyprus, what’s going on?

Reading the news these days is interesting.  Have a look at the following snippets, for example.


THE CABINET has decided to fire the chairman of Cyprus’ natural gas company, DEFA, because of serious misconduct, government spokesman Christos Stylianides said yesterday.


THE HOUSE Ethics Committee will look into whether parliament was misled by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) governor over the terms of reference of an investigation he launched into the island’s banking debacle.


ON SUNDAY a Greek newspaper carried a report that Attorney-general Petros Clerides had suspended prosecution for driving offences against his son.

Clerides, declined to comment until Monday night on a television current affairs show where although he was not specific about the reported offences – drink driving and not having an MOT – he did confirm that an offence had taken place and that he had suspended prosecution.

Everybody who spent even a few month in Cyprus knows how corrupt is the government.  But lately there is a flood of reports on all sorts of government officials.  What’s going on?  Did people have enough finally?

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      1. Not sure what best approach is here… or if there even IS one to sort out this huge mess! It’s a shame that innocent people will now suffer due to the mistakes and poor judgement of a few, who will probably never have to answer for their actions…

        And my one hope and request for the future, is that this unfortunate reality is forever changed in Cyprus from this.

        See this: for some much-needed optimism!

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