Losing control of TODO list

I am losing control of my TODO list. Again. And what is the best way I decide to do? Instead of jumping on all the work I have to finish, I am reading articles on how to better control TODO lists and how to increase productivity.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing for a fact that I am far from being alone. Are you with me?

2 thoughts on “Losing control of TODO list”

  1. I am with you, you are not alone!
    I make lists and list of to do things and I feel like I never finish any list. I do a few and then I create a new one… is there a cure??

  2. I am with you, you are not alone!

    Thanks Clarice :)

    is there a cure??

    There’s this place, called 43 Things, where you can have some more TODO lists. And you can have some encouragement from people who are trying to do things that you are doing.

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