Site changes

As you can obviously see, I have changed a few things around here. Let me introduce these one by one.

  • New theme. This is the most obvious change. The old one with white background and blue header started to get on my nerves. I also needed a theme which had support for navigation bar (more on this in a second). I liked the color scheme and how things were organized. I also put my ugly face in the header image. With all the blogs on the web using just a handful of themes I thought there should be a better indication that you are in a right place.
  • Navigation bar. Links to other sections of this site, like my Photoblog and Family Tree are back once again. There will now always be in the navigation bar, which is currently located at the top of each page. Search is there too.
  • Posts per page. Until now I used to have a fixed number of posts per page. It was like 10 or 15. I have decided to try a different approach. Now all posts from the last three days are displayed (RSS feed is not affected and still show the last 10 posts). Let me know what you think about this mode.

I am also still fixing small bits here and there that appeared after all my migrations. If you notice any weird behaviour – let me know.

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