Corporal punishment at schools

Here we are, at 21st century, talking about a reform or a revolution in the education (with the likes of Ken Robinson), discussing how far behind the modern schooling systems are and how disconnected they are from the realities of the world and things like the Internet, and yet, corporal punishment at schools is still a reality.  And I’m not talking about some small forgotten country in the middle of the poor Asia or Africa, but the United States of America.  Yes, you’ve heard me right!  The citadel of democracy and the flagman of all things digital still allows kids to be beaten at schools.  And not only allows – there are still schools that exercise that right.  Read more at the Online Schools’ Education Debate.

 so many would be surprised to learn that 19 U.S. states still have laws on the books that allow the administration of corporal punishment in school


the Holmes County High School, where corporal punishment is practiced with support from school employees and students. There are no state-wide regulations in place on how physical punishment is to be administered, so Holmes Country has designed its own. The wooden or fiberglass paddles that the school principal Eddie Dixson uses are locally sourced: made by students taking wood shop class.


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