Fedora 19 alpha is a Go

Fedora 19 alpha version will be released next Tuesday.  I’ve been busy with other things recently, so that was a surprising announcement for me. Is it that time of the year again?  Apparently.  We are still a good three month away from the final release, but it’s still good to hear that there is progress.  Looking over the features for this release, I find these interesting:

  • Bind 10 – completely rewritten from scratch, and bringing both DNS and DHCP in one handy package.
  • Developers Assistant – the description is rather vague, but overall it sounds useful.
  • KScreen – finally I won’t have to reconfigure the second monitor every time I reboot the laptop.
  • MATE Desktop – I loved Gnome 2.  If Gnome 3 and KDE 4 won’t get significantly better by the time of the release, I will probably switch to MATE.
  • Node.js – I wanted to play around with it for a while now, but never got the time to get it on my box.  Maybe now I will.
  • PHP 5.5 – new PHP is better PHP.
  • Replace MySQL with MariaDB – that’s an interesting move. I wonder how much trouble this will create with MySQL still being on the servers.
  • Ruby 2.0 – Similar to Node.js, this just makes it so much easier to try new things.

So, this looks like a busy release.

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