TripAdviser can be confusing

I’ve heard plenty of good things about the TripAdvisor website.   I’ve never used it myself yet, but I know that a few people that I trust with reviews do.  Today, I was searching for information on a restaurant and Google suggested that I check out this TripAdvisor page.  Looks good, doesn’t it?  Here is a screenshot of it, just in case it will change in the future.


Reviews, ratings, and even photos – that is all very useful.  But I needed more.  Given that I had no idea where exactly the restaurant was, I thought the most helpful details would be the address or at least a phone number.  A link with “More restaurant details” only told me that I’d need a reservation.  But again, no information on how to actually make the reservation.

Without that basic info, the rest is pretty much useless.  Gladly, that’s not the only website on the Internet.  This one seems to have both the address and the phone number…

3 thoughts on “TripAdviser can be confusing”

  1. Tripadvisor uses info from contributors, so they are not to blame as such. Unfortunately for Cyprus incpmplete info is a

  2. That is understandable. But I think they can improve their user interface then. Foursquare, for example, pretty much forces you to add address, phone number, and drop the marker on the map when adding a new place. There is a way to avoid it, but it’s easier to just do that. :)

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