Very quick pass through 100% of Quake

Quake, a revolutionary game released back 1996, is awesome even by today’s standards. Maybe the visual effects have moved up a notch or two in the modern games, but the game play, the maps, the balance of the weapons – all these are much harder to figure out and Quake still kicks butt of the most modern games in those aspects.

Today, via Goblin, I came across these awesome video – a guy is going through Quake levels as fast as he possibly can, but at the same time, opening each and every secret place and killing each and every monster. That’s a 100% pass! Most of us, even hardcore gamers who finished the game back in 1996, haven’t seen every corner of every map. Now is the chance.


It takes only a minute or so per level. The precision and the speed are mesmerizing, sucking into the monitor. The sounds and familiar locations bring back nostalgic memories. I almost want to install Quake on my laptop and give it another go through. Maybe now, in 2011, I have a machine to run it at full speed.

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