Happy Birthday, Mum!

MotherIt is my mother’s birthday today. Unfortunately, I am way too far from her to celebrate together, but I am with her in my mind and in my heart.

Ma, don’t let yet another birthday disappoint you – it’s just a reason to celebrate and nothing more… and the years.. years… who’s counting? :)

Anyway, all the best wishes to you. (And a little surprise in the inbox)

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mum!”

  1. ˸íÿ, ïîçäðàâëÿþ òåáÿ ñ äíåì ðîæäåíèÿ ìàìêè! :) è ìàìêó îò ìåíÿ ïîçäðàâü!

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