Twitter – social glue that is here to stay

Today, while playing around with the Lovely Charts, I decided to make a quick diagram of a few social networks that I use.  The purpose of the diagram is to illustrate why Twitter is here to stay.  Here is the diagram itself.

As you can see, I use Twitter as a glue.  It aggregates favorites, likes, shares, bookmarks, etc from all other social networks that I use.  These are all gathered together and automatically published back into my own blog as ‘Day in brief’ summaries.   This way, I can own most of my social activities in the space, which I actually own – my blog.  So even if a social network dies out and disappears, I still have bits and pieces of content in my archives.

As for the Facebook, I don’t really use it so much myself, but a lot of people find it more convenient to follow me there than anywhere else.  So I configured Twitter to forward all tweets there too.  And since my WordPress blog is tweeting every post I publish, I get a very nice exposure overall.

Since Twitter is so simple and popular, pretty much every web service and social network does some sort of integration with it.  It would be way more complicated to configure integration between my WordPress blog and each and every social network that I use.  I’ve recently learned that quite a few people use Twitter the same way.  That’s something that no other social network gives you yet.  Google+ is a good potential candidate, but it still has no APIs.  And Facebook could do it easily  if it wasn’t for their moronic attitude towards exporting users’ own data.

P.S.: Thanks to all those people who made the social networks logos that I used in my diagram.

2 thoughts on “Twitter – social glue that is here to stay”

  1. what happens when someone comments on your twitter feed on facebook? I have often wondered because I find it easier to be on fb than anywhere else and some of your tweets are pretty entertaining/educational/interesting.

    1. Facebook sends me a notification via email every time someone comments. I always read those comments. If I have anything to say, I usually click on the link in the email and go reply directly on the Facebook.

      My view of it is that I am trying to put all my updates and activities from everywhere into a single stream, which I want to share everywhere. People read and follow where they feel the most comfort at. If the update or activity spans a local conversation on a specific social network – so be it. If I have the easy and automatic tools to bring it into my blog/Twitter, I will. If I don’t then so be it. :)

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