Sold domain –

I’ve been buying domains for a few years now.  Every time I have an idea for a project, I go and buy a domain for it.  Sometimes the project idea actually gets implemented and lives for a while.  Most of the time I just put it on the shelf.  I keep domains for two-three years just in case I go back to the project and then I expire them.  A few domains I keep longer, in hopes of selling them later.   I sold a few domains before to clients of mine, but I’ve never sold anything to an unknown party.

Today I did.  Well, technically it took longer than just today.  But today the deal is officially closed.  I put one of my domains – – on the auctions at GoDaddy and someone bought it for $500 USD.  While I could have bargained for a better price, I really didn’t want to.  It’s a 5-letter .com domain with no promotion, no prior website.  I had it for about 5 years.  I thought the price was about right and GoDaddy made the rest of the procedure ridiculously easy.

I have a few domains up for sale, but at the rate it goes, I don’t expect it to be my primary source of income any time soon.  Heck, it won’t even qualify for business by any measure.  Just a little extra PayPal cash.

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