How’s your PrimeTel connection doing?

Just before the New Year, I’ve posted the good news from PrimeTel – free increase in the connection speed for all subscribers.  I was excited back than.  But over the last few days I had a number of discussions with a number of people and most of them seemed to complain about the degraded quality of service – speeds were not up, connection is not stable, and so on and so forth.  On one hand, I trust all these people.  On the other hand, my connection is doing fine.  Compared to speed tests that I did in December, I see better results now.  And I haven’t had any of the other problems.

So I am interested in hearing what are your experiences like.  Have you seen any changes in speed?  Have you seen any change in quality of service?  Have you seen any differences since the New Year at all?   Please let me know via the comments or directly.

3 thoughts on “How’s your PrimeTel connection doing?”

  1. yes, sometimes the service is poor… i have a 6 Mb connection, and i end up during evenings with 1.5 or 2 Mb, not to mention the lazy way youtube content loads…

    after the ny upgrade, i really had big problems with de-synchronization of modem: they changed the modem once, then 2-3 technicians came and each of them rewired the (same) plugs :) then it took almost a week to change some cyta switch, after which it’s definitely better (well… only couple of times i got disconnected since then).

    overall, i feel the service is worst when compared with last year.

    please try the speed test on monday evening, say 9 pm… and compare with different hour results…

  2. Past month has been a disaster… My connection drops about 10 times a day especially since they gave me the new black modem. Really disappointed here.

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