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Devlounge lists three web site monitoring services : Montastic, Mon.itor.us, and LinkPatch.  These services check your web sites regularly and notify you when something goes down.  They also provide additional services, like checking for broken links and such.

While I personally prefer a full featured monitoring tool such as Nagios (with SMS integration via Clickatell), it’s good to know that there are simple and straight-forward ways for basic monitoring.  After all,  installing and configuring Nagios makes sense only if you are geek or monitoring things is a big part of your business.

Update: Also http://www.alertra.com/ was recommended to me by Michael Cohen over on Google Buzz.

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  1. Thanks for useful links! I started monitoring my blogs with Montastic. It offers monitoring up to 3 web sites for free which is enough for me. At least now :) Nagios is good for internal projects IMHO or if you own the VPS.

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