Backupify – your ultimate backup solution for the cloud


I have just learned about a really awesome service – Backupify.  This a really simple yet extremely useful web application for those of us who use plenty of web services.  Backupify, as you have probably guessed from the name of it, does backups.  It can backup your data from a whole lot of services – Gmail, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, and so forth.  Backups are stored at Amazon’s S3 service.  And you have an option of using your own S3 subscription if you have one.  I don’t so I chose to use the one from Backupify.

As I said, the service is extremely easy to use.  You just register for an account and then specify which of your online profiles should be backed up.  There are options for daily and weekly backups and email notifications.  Support for more services is in the works too.  And the best part of it is that if you register today (before December 31, 2009), you’ll have a free account forever!

But if you were late for the free cheese, I’m sure the usefulness of such a service is beyond a few bucks that they will ask you for later on.  Strongly recommended!