Daily tweets digest

  • Why would Nokia E75 insist on 160 characters per SMS, when every tweeting creature knows that it is 140. #
  • Is there a firmware upgrade or patch or something? Or do I just practice my -20 skill? :) #
  • RT @clarocada Ultimate use of technology: Linux + CD Tray + Baby http://bit.ly/1wAmw #
  • Despite a common belief (promoted by online marketing people) having a link in your tweet is not a requirement. #
  • More on links in tweets: I can't express myself in 140 chars, so here is a link to my 3-page blog post. That's how I see them links. #
  • http://icio.us/cauq45 #
  • My Delicious add-on for Firefox misbehaves. It tweets bookmarks even when not asked to do so. Twitter fan, I guess. #
  • Carwashing. Before going to a very dusty and sandy place. but the car really needs it. #
  • Taking Maxim to the barber's shop. Every time he gets a haircut, he is like a totally different kid. #

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