Daily tweets digest

  • Good morning, Friday! #
  • A heavy duty script that I wrote in about 15 minutes 9 month ago just got replaced.It was a temporary solution and I'm glad it's out.But … #
  • Nokia E75 has a SoundSober(tm) technoloby built-in. Ideal for those of us who often drunk-talk. Now people will actually understand what … #
  • Just discovered that Catherine Zeta Jones has been married to Michael Douglas for years.That's like the beauty and the beast taken to ex … #
  • My mind wants a pint. My body is against the idea. I have to listen to my body once in a while. #
  • GooSync is an awesome service for syncing contacts and calendars between Google Gmail and mobile phones. I wish they'd also sync contact … #
  • The more I fight with Friday deployments to production, the worst it gets. Deploying at 23:30 today. #

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