Fixing RT3 on Fedora 10

We upgraded our development server to Fedora 10 over the weekend.  Among other things, it runs RT3 – excellent support, issue management, and bug tracking tool.  Once the upgrade was over, we ended up with a semi-working setup of RT3.  The emails were going through just fine, but the web interface was giving out a blank screen with no content or errors or warnings.

Googled a bit, but that didn’t help a lot.   Went through server logs and found an out of memory shout from

2325:Callback called exit at 
../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ 
line 415.

Googled for that, but it turned out that quite a few people have the problem with this module running out of memory.  And not only in RT3.

So I left it where it was and had some good night sleep.  And it helped.  In the morning, englightment came in, and I tried reloading the page with cookies and cache cleaned.  It worked.  And then it didn’t work again.  Cleaning cookies was helping for a couple of page views.  So I dived back into the file to see my options.  There it was.

=item C<$WebSessionClass>
C<$WebSessionClass> is the class you wish to use for managing Sessions.
It defaults to use your SQL database, but if you are using MySQL 3.x and
plans to use non-ascii Queue names, uncomment and add this line to
F<> will prevent session corruption.
# Set($WebSessionClass , 'Apache::Session::File');

Once I enabled Apache::Session::File, the problem went away.  We are now back to work, enjoying the new web 2.0 round corners interface, pastel colors, and more.

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  1. That is *a* fix, but it’s probably better to continue using the database.

    Upgrading from 3.6.5 to 3.8.2 I ran into this problem, and used your fix. Upgrading from 3.8.2 to 3.8.6 exposed a step that I skipped during the previous upgrade. You must read UPGRADING.mysql. This file is missing from the Fedora RPM, but I asked for it to be added.

    This readme provides instructions on updating the datatypes in the database. Once that is done you can comment out the Set($WebSessionClass , ‘Apache::Session::File’); line again and go back to using the DB for sessions.

    RT 3.8.6 prevent apache from starting if you don’t do this. Even with your workaround above.

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