Virtual presence with Twitter

Twitter is many things to many people.  It’s a lot of things to me too (status updates, communication channel, notes application, self-reminders, etc). But for the last couple of days I am having a new experience with it – virtual presence.

Last year I attended Greek Blogger Camp.  It was a lot of fun.  This year however I didn’t manage to get in due to some work obligations.  However those guys who are there, they twit a lot (particularly Stefanos himself).  That sort of brings me there without any travelling.

Yes, I miss a lot, I know.  But getting SMS updates with pointers to what is going over there helps quite a bit.  And not only I get a part of the atmosphere, but also some helpful tips from the presentations that are going on.  Then, with Google in my hands, I can dive deeper into the subject, and even somewhat participate in the discussion there by twitting my questions and getting answers.

This digital world sure is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Virtual presence with Twitter”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my tweets! Too bad you didn’t make it this year man.. i’m promising next year will be much better. Too bad i didn’t think to follow the @gbc followers on twitter for getting the questions real time.

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