Quest for GPS device

Garmin eTrex VistaMy desire for a GPS device is getting stronger by the day. Before I couldn’t find any good reason for my buying one. Now there are few and, honestly, who needs reason anymore? ;)

So, after browsing for a while here and there, my choice stopped on Garmin eTrex Vista. Garmin suggests the price of approximately $320 USD, but there are offers on the web that quote as low as $160 USD. I am considering $300 USD to be roughly the maximum I am prepared to spend on the device. Requirements are few and simple:

  • it should be small enough (pocket size, belt clip, you get the idea)
  • it should allow for additional maps, waymarks, and other information to be loaded (Cyprus data included in the package is considered an advantage)
  • it should be possible to save few routes (at least 5-10) with few waymarks (at least 5-10)
  • good reception from within a car as well as outside with the clear sky and without any trees around (this should be easy)
  • rechargeable battery pack and power adapter for the car are considered an advantage

Basically, Garmin eTrex Vista suits my needs pretty well. I am not sure though if there is any other device similar in functionality, but somehow better. I will search more of course.

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