The return of the categories

Once again it has been proven how unstable and messy I am in my data organization.  This blog already went through a few iterations of categories, tags, and sections reorganizations.  However, it seems this not the end just yet.

I have decided to bring back the categories.  They were chopped into pieces last time when tags came along.  But tags are way too flexible and messy when I have no strict rules on how to apply  them.  So I ended up with a whole lot of tags which looks, sound, and spell very similar, but not exactly the same.  Hopefully, there will be more order with categories now. I intend to use categories in conjunction with tags.  Categories will be few and major, while tags will be more flexible and many.

Also, this will provide for an easier access for those of you who come here to read certain types of posts (Personal and not Technology, or Movies and not Blogging).  If you are interested in everything, then there is a category All for you.

P.S.: Note that for each category there is an RSS feed, which should be picked up by your browser or feed reader auto-discovery feature.

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