… and the award for the original web site goes to …

Chiefy for the www.f0bia.org !!!

I’m browsing through hundreds of web sites every day, and it’s been a while since I saw something that struck me as original. f0bia did it for me. With dark background, blinking cursor, and keyboard navigation it closely resembles UNIX command line. Yet it’s not just a show off, but a real blog with posts, search, RSS feeds, links, pictures, etc.

Well done!

Update: for those of you interested in technical details, the blog seems to be running WordPress and WordPress CLI theme.

8 thoughts on “… and the award for the original web site goes to …”

  1. hazard,

    remember that this is a web site, not a linux shell :)

    from the description of wordpress-cli:

    Eventually the theme will develop the functionality of a full-fledged shell. Or not, maybe it will just remain groovy and impractical.

  2. that’s REALLY great!
    I played with cd, back, help and other simple commands (remember that I’m a stupid user) but when I typed hello and it answered me “hello to you too” i understood – it’s my boy :))
    very lovely and gives us, stupid users, an impression that we can type some commands too :))

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