Blogging is fun

This post is a part of Together! Blogging group blog effort at Cyprus Blog Network.

For me, blogging is:

  • Fun. Expressing myself in writing is still a challenge for me, even after all these years of practice. A fun challenge. Much like ice skating – you know you can do it, and you do it pretty good by the end winter. But when the next winter comes, you have start all over again.

    Also, reading blogs is a lot of fun. Especially with more and more of my friends joining the blogosphere.

  • Note taking on steroids. I’ve tried several note taking systems – from pen and paper to specialized applications, but blogging is the one that works best for me. Cross-linking is easy. Additional information is easy (with comments). Searching is supereasy (with categories, tags, and Google). And, additional bonus is for reduced clutter – I blog mostly only things that I care about.
  • Professional tool. Blogging helps me with self-promotion. It connects me with all those smart people out there. And, recently, earns me a cent or two.

… and much more.

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