Daily tweets

  • I’m having lots of fun with WordPress stats.Today my “Simple Widgets” article is more popular than yesterday “Advanced widgets”. WTF? :) #
  • The code posting problem (...) is global.And it’s bigger than I ever knew or imagined.Weird.Isn’t it coders’ proble #
  • I almost felt asleep while reading a long article about lucid dreaming… I had no dreams though… http://tinyurl.com/24oznb #
  • Paradox that I am ashamed of: my second best client continuously gets my second worst service. This is not even funny anymore. #
  • Pressing doesn’t work. Choose other ways to make people do those things you want them to do. #
  • WordPress.com makes it very hard to post PHP code.Screenshots are trivial,on the other hand.I am thinking of using images for text.This sux. #

One thought on “Daily tweets”

  1. Out of the box, WP does suck when it comes top posting code, however there are a few plugins around that perfectly fill this hole.

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