Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Lev, Hazard, and I went to Nicosia today to see a concert called ‘Tribute to Led Zeppelin’. The club was in the middle of nowhere so it would be impossible to find without the help of locals. The place itself was pretty cool. The biggest no-go for me was the situation with beer. All you could get there was a small bottle of Amstel, Heiniken, or Keo. And it would cost you 3 CYP (more then 5 bucks). We, of course, had to correct this with few Carlsberg cans bought from the nearest kiosk.

From then on I was pretty much OK. Lev and Hazard though had the problem with sound. They heard something that I didn’t. In times like this, I am happy I don’t have the perfect hearing. :)

The band (“Snake Charmers” or something like that) played very good. The vocalist didn’t know the words for most of the songs, so he had to pick into the papers, which was kind of strange, but he was very singing pretty well and his dancing and other general behavior was reminding me of “Led Zeppelin” videos. There were couple of guitar solos and an excellent drum bit for like 5 minutes or so.

Overall I was very pleased with the trip. If there will be anything else similar, I will go again.

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