Do not copy Flickr images. There is a better way.

Recenlty I’ve noticed that many of my friends copy and re-post pictures from each other on Flickr. Usually, this happens after some drunk party with naked women event that a few of them attend together – everybody wants to have quick access to those images, made by one of them.

Guys, you really don’t have to download and re-upload those images to your account. There is a better way. You can just mark images of other Flickr users as “favourites”. In the menu above the picture, there is the “Add to Faves” button with a little grey star. If you click on it, the star will turn purple and the image will be added to your favourites. If you click on the purple star once again, it will go back to grey and the image will be removed from the favourites. That works exactly like the Google star, which you see in GMail, Google Reader, and other Google applications.

You can access your favourite images from the main menu. It’s under “You -> Your favourites”. The best part of it, is that you can see other people’s favourite images too. When looking at somebody else’s stream, there is a menu at the top, just under user’s name – Sets, Tags, Archives, Favourites, Profile.

You see, now all your favourite images are just one click away. Enjoy Flickr!

5 thoughts on “Do not copy Flickr images. There is a better way.”

  1. No, you can’t organize pictures in your favourites in sets (yet?). But what you can do is assign your own tags to other people’s images (if those people allow to do so, and many do).

    Then you can search for a specific tag in the photostream of a specific user, or, even, all over Flickr. :)

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