Upgraded to the latest WordPress version

I’ve been ignoring WordPress udpates for far too long now. My blog was still running WordPress-2.0.5, when WordPress-2.1.2 is available for a few days now. Today, when I realized that Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin works only with modern version of WordPress, I said “enough is enough” and upgraded. I was surprised as to how well the upgrade went through. Nothing broke except for the display of links, which I used a custom SQL for, and which I was warned all about in the release notes. It took me about 40 seconds to fix it, and I even got read of the custom SQL thing, so it shouldn’t break in the future.

If you notice any misbehaviour around the site, please let me know.

P.S.: Now, as a bonus feature, whenever I post a new entry to this blog, you can be notified via my twitter stream.

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to the latest WordPress version”

  1. ditto!

    I finally got some free time, so I upgraded my wordpress a week ago as well, with no problems. Guess what?! 2 days later 2.1.3 comes out! Grr!! :) Why does this always happen???

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