Another Motorshow

Motorshow 2007

Yesterday, Vladimir and I went to Nicosia. It was time for the annual car exhibition – Motorshow 2007. The exhibition took place, as usual, at Cyprus State Fair grounds, with all major car makers and resellers present. This year’s best booth was by Cadillac. These guys have arrange for a large place, which was acceissible only via invitations (no, we didn’t have those). They had live music, great decorations, and all in all stood out and above the rest.

There were more hybrid cars these year, which I think is good. And there were more smaller cars, which is not bad either, considering the growing parking problems that we have in the cities. Also, it was nice to see that the prices are falling. Some brand new cars are now available for 3,500-4,500 CYP.

We finished off the exhibition with the traditional pint or two. Good stuff.

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  1. От Юлечки спасибо тебе огромное за классное фото!

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