Contributing to KDE-Look

Somehow I ended up registering at KDE-Look and uploading a few of my photographs as KDE wallpapers. I do change my wallpapers once in a while and since recently have started using my own images instead of somebody else’s. I thought, why not then share these pitures with the community.

A few hours later, I checked the stats and was really surprised. There were no comments and the ratings weren’t changed much, which was exactly as I expected. But the download numbers overloaded my mind. I didn’t expect them to be so high. Especially, considering the fact that all of these images are available via my Flickr account, where they can be downloaded in several resolutions instead of just 1024×768 that I posted to KDE Look. Here are the links to the uploads that I’ve made, together with the number of downloads as of this writing:

After these numbers I went to look for more numbers. Most downloaded page shows hundreds of thousands downloads with very small decrease rate. Wow. What an exposure! There must be more KDE users out there than I thought about last time.

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