Domain name nostalgie

Two domain names that I own will expire today – and

This is a new experience for me. At the moment, I own about 25 domain names. Until now I wanted them all and some more. The above two, for example, were registered when I was working on an RSS aggregator with a few of my friends. We had some ambitious plans, but it didn’t work out quite as well as we wanted. The project is long stalled and forgotten.

The expiration of domains brought back a lot of memories of fun times. Some small part of me wants to renew the domains and keep them just for the sake of memories. But a bigger and stronger part of me says that memories are in my head and in my blog, and that I don’t need to spend extra cash, no matter how little of it, for keeping useless junk. There is plenty of it for free.

Anyway, farewell to InformeRSS project. It was fun. There are some useful bits left over, which I already found use to in some other projects. Some parts will be available as open source and under GPL license a bit later, when I’ll have the time to review and pack them properly.

And more domains that I don’t want anymore will be expiring in the next six month or so. Saving all that money won’t make me richer, but it will make my life easier, with less trash to carry forward.

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