Expert of the fourth dimension

I have met an expert of the fourth dimension today. He was a very average looking guy, driving a really small minivan. His really small minivan was half the size of one parking space. The expert of the fourth dimension managed to park his really small minivan to occupy four parking spaces. Not even a bike could fit in.

I was amazed. I wanted to talk to him, to understand him, to learn from him. But being an expert he was, he probably thought that he was about to be kicked and punched. So ran away and disappeared in what many believed was a fourth dimension…

6 thoughts on “Expert of the fourth dimension”

  1. Photos always help, but not when you are dealing with the fourth dimension (photography has enough problems on its own, converting 3d images of the real world to 2d images of the paper/digital pictures). He would probably came out as a dirty garbage can or a roll of used duct tape or something even less useful.

    In the meantime, I guess, I have to do a bit of self-education on the matter of Fourth dimension… Fascinating stuff!

  2. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I see ugly parking by men way more often. Probably, that has something to do with the ration of driving men and women.

    Anyone has a link to Cyprus statistics about this?

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