Painful experience

I have browsed through more than 1,000 online Cyprus resources during the last 72 hours. It was a painful experience, but the work that should have been done. I’ve seen everything from 1990-s web desing complete with animated email envelopes to stock photography images of women with headsets applied to dozens of sites. I’ve read plenty of “hot news” from 2001 and faceless mission statements.

I have also managed to convince a few other people to participate and share the pain. They have done (and still are doing) an excellent job of going through all the rubbish, looking for rare jewels.

All this effort is being done for one of the projects, which is about to be unleashed. I’ve shown it to few beta testers and so far there was positive feedback. Few minor issues were fixed and few interface improvements were implemented.

It’s almost ready…

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